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Condensation of monobenzone ( 2 ) with the epoxide derived from α- D - glucofuranose [4] affords the glycosylated derivative ( 3 ). Hydrolytic removal of the acetonide protecting groups [5] followed by cleavage of the sugar with periodate gives aldehyde ( 4 ). This is reduced to the glycol by means of NaBH 4 and the terminal alcohol is converted to the mesylate ( 5 ). Displacement of the leaving group with isopropylamine followed by hydrogenolytic removal of the O -benzyl ether affords the β 1 -adrenergic selective adrenergic agonist prenalterol ( 6 ).

Oxymethylene wikipedia

oxymethylene wikipedia


oxymethylene wikipediaoxymethylene wikipediaoxymethylene wikipediaoxymethylene wikipedia