Oxandrolone euro pharmaceuticals

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Previous studies have identified NPY's anxiolytic effects to a possible therapeutic drug target for alcoholism. [33] As stated before, NPY levels and ethanol intake show an inverse relationship, therefore, therefore, increasing NPY availability could decrease alcohol intake. By creating a chemical antagonist for a Y2 receptor that would indirectly act as an agonist and stimulate Y1 receptors, alcohol consumption was successfully decreased in rats. [34] Additionally, another similar study identified that NPY expression may be connected to behavioral regulation in relation to alcohol dependence . Administration of neuropeptide Y was found to reduce binge-drinking behavior. [35] Although, it has been shown that NPY gene expression , mRNA or neuropeptide levels are not influenced by long-term alcohol consumption, but changes do occur during withdrawal from alcohol. These findings show that Neuropeptide Y has varying effects on alcohol consumption. [34]

Oxandrolone euro pharmaceuticals

oxandrolone euro pharmaceuticals


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