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The origin of the Welsh name "Arthur" remains a matter of debate. Some suggest it is derived from the Roman nomen gentile (family name) Artorius , of obscure and contested etymology [22] (but possibly of Messapian [23] [24] [25] or Etruscan origin). [26] [27] [28] Some scholars have suggested it is relevant to this debate that the legendary King Arthur's name only appears as Arthur , or Arturus , in early Latin Arthurian texts, never as Artōrius (though it should be noted that Classical Latin Artōrius became Arturius in some Vulgar Latin dialects). However, this may not say anything about the origin of the name Arthur , as Artōrius would regularly become Art(h)ur when borrowed into Welsh . [29]

“Just like I’ve grown up and matured, I wanted my new fragrance to do the same thing,” Hilton said on a late June afternoon in a Beverly Hills hotel suite. Bottles of the fragrance — it’s in the shape of a gold-and-glass bustier gown — were placed throughout the room, which was filled with an assortment of publicists, assistants and camera crews. For the event, Hilton wore an emerald-green dress and diamond solitaire earrings; her makeup was subdued, and her conversation was thoughtful.

Nap 50 real name

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