Kalyanam anavare song

Munimma, guess Karthik has answered for me about the 'Samy' song. There are too many 'kalyanam' songs that I thought I would reserve some for next year! :)

Raju, Yes, Chandrodayam was such a hilarious movie to me at that time!

Deepak, Chandrodayam is the MGR version of 'Roman Holiday'!! LOL!

Mitr, Thanks for your list. Like I said earlier, there are a number of 'Kalyana' songs. Will use them later!!

Karthik, Glad you saw(& enjoyed!) it in the weekend!!

Balaji, Somehow I thought cos' the Amala factor, 'Kalyana thennila' would score above 'Kalyana maalai'!!

Yours truly, 'Kalyana samayal saadham'-hmm.. I can only dream!!

The album features six songs overall, with Yuvan Shankar Raja himself, who stated on Twitter that the songs would be "young and fresh", [31] having lent his voice for one of the songs. The album also features singer-composer Toshi Sabri 's first song in Tamil, which was his second collaboration with Yuvan Shankar after the song "Seheri" in Oy! . Telugu singer-actor Anuj Gurwara was also supposed to have to sing one song in the film, [32] which however, was not featured in the soundtrack album. The song "Naa Vetta Pora Aadu" was co-sung by Ragini Sri , a participant in the second season of the reality-based singing competition Airtel Super Singer , however, she was falsely credited as Roshini in the first batch of CDs. [33]

Kalyanam anavare song

kalyanam anavare song