Blue nap 50s

Hi Susan, That was fun seeing and hearing about your wardrobe and packing for Ireland! Hum .. I don’t see any kitties in your packing like we always had in ours! My mom and I used to get grief for bringing our closets on vacations. (She came on many trips with us!) My husband was our “travel company” carrying our suitcases so we didn’t have to, making it so much easier to bring everything .. and even more on the way back home! Besides, who knows what we will feel like wearing each day? I never know until I wake up and choice is always a good thing. I can’t imagine only a couple of things for a whole trip .. boring! I had a chuckle when I got to the picture of your pj’s with the trucks and reindeer .. I thought, oh how cute they look like MY trucks, reindeer, and the most adorable yellow house (that I covet greatly) that live at your house 🙂 And then on to the next pictures .. the trucks, reindeer, and my yellow house! Ta Da 🙂 Your trip is causing lots of excitement in the reader world .. including me! I am looking forward to pictures of your travels and hope that includes lots of shopping! By the way .. who wants to look like a local? As soon as you open your mouth I’m pretty sure they will know you’re not from those parts! What does one do when traveling and wanting to blend in with the locals? Play mute? Hum… All the best to you 🙂

There’s no strict calculator for how much extra sleep you’ll need to make up your deficit, so the best thing to do is to simply let your body tell you what it needs. Go to bed whenever you feel tired (but stay up until at least 9 pm so you don’t awake in the middle of the night), and then allow yourself to wake up naturally – don’t set your alarm clock . Keep this up until you’re back to feeling well-rested. College students often have the luxury of this approach, but if you have more of a regular schedule to keep, the best way to recover is to tack on an extra 1-2 hours of sleep each night until you feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again.

Blue nap 50s

blue nap 50s


blue nap 50sblue nap 50sblue nap 50sblue nap 50sblue nap 50s