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Hey there I feel like shit to be honest. I met what I thought was my twin flame in a spiritual realm. We both have done work and continue to work on ourselves. We have even created a lot of good for the planet – coming together to bring balance to the earth by starting a charity and funding many projects ( in a very short time ) that support the planets healing. We are often acknowledged for the work we do. In fact I am living my dream – being in service to this planet and doing things I love , except I am in a personal hell as my love is unrequited. All the signs appeared – we both saw 1111 everywhere after we met. We both have experienced rapid almost miraculous growth since we met and yet …. Nothing. I am the chaser and she is the runner – except we spend every day together working and living with no intimacy. Like a force field is around her. I have given myself self love over and over again yet I am questioning if this person is my twin flame. I feel heart broken and sad. Any advice or assistance will be appreciated. Your blog as helped me understand so much , except I am not seeing us in Union. Thank you and I love you ! My prayers are with all twin flames going through difficulty – it is the hardest thing I have ever experienced.

I’ll answer this in a future Q&A for sure… My first advice would be to meditate on what’s the best way for your particular situation, as everyone is different… Opening up to your intuition and to your spirit guides would be enormously helpful for this. We go through this and much more in the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames ( http:/// ) if you’re interested. When you begin to shift your energy and clear out any “congestion” between you and your Twin (as we do in the program), your Twin will also begin to open up more… Remembering and recognizing the connection first on an inner emotional level, then more and more consciously. These things normally function from the inside out, there is a grain of remembrance deep down, then it’s a question of nurturing it and clearing out any blocks until it spills over and becomes undeniable on all levels.

Anavar oxandrolone isis pharmaceuticals

anavar oxandrolone isis pharmaceuticals


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