After effects of anavar

Women have a greater sensitivity to the effects of Anavar than men do since their bodies process the Oxandrolone hormone differently. While neither men nor women will see massive gains on an Anavar cycle, women will see a greater effect on their bodies as the gains that do take place will be valuable lean muscle tissue in greater quantities than men. It can be more difficult for women to lose body fat than men, so using Anavar while in a cutting phase can greatly aid the process. Even though it is an anabolic steroid, which are generally off limits to women due to their potentially damaging nature, the effects of Anavar are very mild and safe when used properly.

As you can see this is a very mild steroid and while there are some Anavar side-effects worthy of note the list is rather simple and easy to control. Of course it is also important to note that while a mild steroid Oxandrolone will suppress your natural testosterone; for some reason over the years a myth has started stating this isnt so. Rest assured, while a mild steroid and one that does not suppress greatly, natural testosterone production will be suppressed none the less. In the end responsible use will always be our best friend and if you can hold to this we can assure you youll more than likely enjoy your experience.

After effects of anavar

after effects of anavar


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